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Stephen Serenelli
May 10, 1958 - October 26, 2004

Stephen was a respected member of our club who pioneered the use of
digital photography. Stephen's battle with cancer ended in 2004.
You can see some of Stephen's work on his own site

The Serenelli PAPARAZZI
Serenelli's Bicycle Fantasy Exhibition

You can read about Stephen's battle with cancer in his own words here -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Stephen's unfailing sense of humour, and his background growing up in Italy in a culture vastly different than ours, led to many fond memories. While travelling in our club van, he heard another photographer utter a phrase he was unfamiliar with. With a puzzled look, he asked "What is ...'shucks'?"
At one Weekend in the Woods, we first introduced him to roasting marshmallows over a campfire. When his burst into flame, he announced loudly "Mine is defective!" Another new experience for him was watching the growth of a JiffyPop foil popcorn. His delight in discovering something new led many of us to fully appreciate what we may have taken for granted.
Stephen was using a digital camera when most of our club did not yet have a home computer. We were all amazed when he posted photos on his website within hours, all while camped at McPhee or Anglin Lake.
Stephen graciously donated his digital camera and lenses to our club.
We have set up within our club (with his blessing) the 'Stephen Serenelli Digital Photography Award".
-Geoff Payton